Sunday, April 5, 2015

The start of something new

Hello, friends!

I recently realized that I needed an outlet for animal rights related discussions that wasn't my own personal life blog. So I'm starting this new blog to channel my thoughts and fact-findings into something substantial. That's the hope anyway.

My life has been a steady forward progression of awareness about animal rights, veganism, and all that goes along with that. The more I learned, read, and discussed these issues, the more it deepened my resolve to do no harm to any sentient animal. The animal rights movement has many facets, and figureheads, but it seems to mainly be driven by emotional pleas, celebrity vegans, and cute baby animal pictures. While this does work to persuade many people, I think it is a grave misstep to ignore the huge array of scientific results and facts that form an even more compelling picture.

I do believe that animal cruelty, in all its forms, is a dying convention. Those who are clinging to old ways, and attempting to prop up the failing animal-based industry, are on the wrong side of history. And in the near future, our current treatment of animals (domestic and wild) will be viewed much like slavery is today - as a horrific chapter in the course of human events.

In the meantime, much can be done to educate ourselves and our communities about the reality of animal use and abuse. My aim is to contribute, in some small way, to that end - using logic and facts along with emotional arguments to support my points in this public forum. Like any good scientist, I hope that reason can prevail and lead us to a brighter future. :-)

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