Thursday, April 23, 2015

Watch Cowspiracy

Starting yesterday, in honor of Earth Day, the groundbreaking film Cowspiracy is available to watch for just $1 throughout the week. I absolutely loved this film and think everyone, vegetarians and non, should watch it. Don't worry, it's not full of gore and animal violence caught on tape. There was only one place where I had to avert my eyes, and I'm sure most people won't even need to do that much.

The filmmaker goes on a personal journey of revelation as he attempts to understand the reasons that his beloved environmental groups seem to ignore the effects of animal agriculture in all forms. He eventually comes to the conclusion that you can not truly be an environmentalist and still consume animal products. The processes are detrimental to the earth - even the so-called sustainable small farm businesses. The film is littered with facts, plots, numbers and formulas - which I really appreciate. There's the emotional component too, of course. Not only does the filmmaker come to believe in the logic that he's developed over time, but he also starts to question the very morality of using animals for food. It's so interesting to watch his conviction evolve throughout the film, and I found myself making parallels to my own journey and remembering when I came to these very same conclusions on quite a different path.

This film is particularly relevant in the context of the California drought debate that is taking place currently. Of all the media coverage on this historic drought, I've rarely heard explicit mention of animal agriculture practices, although that is what uses the vast majority of California's fresh water. Instead they blame it on the almond trees! I can already envision the ads against buying almond milk... sigh.

If you're a Californian, an earth-loving hippie, a lifelong vegan or a curious vegetarian - watch this movie! It's also super entertaining and funny - much more upbeat than, say, Blackfish. Take a night this weekend and check it out - it's only $1 after all.

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