Friday, May 29, 2015

Peaceful Prairie's Walk for Peace a major success!

Yesterday, I participated in my first ever walk for a charitable organization. I raised over $200 for Peaceful Prairie Farm Sanctuary (mostly by shameless email begging) and walked a leisurely mile in the sunshine with tons of people, dogs and even a goat! There was breakfast, gift bags, free samples of delicious vegan "cheese", a raffle and lunch served after the walk. It was a ton of fun, and I was so happy to contribute at least a small amount of the thousands of dollars Peaceful Prairie raised for their animals. A huge thanks and hugs to all my friends and family that helped out in that effort.

Me and some Boulder vegans after the walk!

I spent some time enjoying the company of the Boulder Vegan meetup group; great people whom I love to see at all these events. It's nice to spend time with people that share the same values as you (an obvious human need that drives much of our grouping behavior); but it's even more awesome to use that time to help out in a larger capacity. Hooray for the people who have dedicated their lives to places like Peaceful Prairie - they are my heroes!
(More pictures below)

Somebody (not from Peaceful Prairie) brought their pet goat on the walk! The goat walked right by her side without a lease, and was super friendly.

Tons of adorable dogs!

And tiny, tired puppies!

And of course the feast after, where they served Field Roast 'burgers', Follow Your Heart 'cheese', salads, baked beans, and So Delicious ice cream bars

The start of the walk - what a beautiful day

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